We are adding local Sales Representatives and Distributors to help distribute our product directly to the consumer.  You can contact a Sales Rep in your area or discover which retail outlets our sales representatives are affiliated which you can purchase.


New Sales Representatives

Arizona (Sedona/Phoenix)- Chris Riesgraf : 480-510-6403         [email protected]

Florida (South)- Nathan Curry : 386-341-6791                                [email protected]

Ohio (Cincinnati)- Michelle Kramer : 513-806-0475                   [email protected]

Tennessee (Knoxville)- Jennifer Campbell : 423-907-2016          [email protected]

 Texas (Aubrey)- Karen Dayton RN : 757-390-7625                                                           _

Utah (Salt Lake City)- Curt Basta : 801-209-5484                             curtbasta@aol.com